Goalkeeper Coaching Job

With the lack of secure goalkeeper coaching jobs at present with many many goalkeeper coaches either sadly losing their jobs or having to take severe pay cuts, it is a worrying time for most goalkeeping coaches.

Even at professional level a lot of gk coaches are having to take a lesser wage just to get their feet under the table to get a job.

I am not going to go into great detail why this is happening but basically there is A LOT more goalkeeper coaches than there is goalkeeper coaching jobs… and that’s it quite simple!

The problem is, football clubs and football organisations now know there is more goalkeeper coaches than jobs, so many (not all) are taking advantage.


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Put yourself in the position of a football club or organisation, you advertise a job and you have 40+ goalkeeping applicants and many of them state they are happy to take a cut price wage to take the job.

So what do most organisations do? Obviously, if they can save 20%, 30% even up to 50% on paying the going wage, some organisations will take this option… and this is what is happening.

This has now lead to a surge of un secure goalkeeper coaches quite rightly now looking for more secure better options as a gk coach and the MUCH better option is to have their own business.

I know most goalkeeper coaches are not businessman and it is very scary going alone, but this is where Just4keepers comes in because we have been helping goalkeeper coaches for nearly two decades to develop hugely successful business and helping thousands of young goalkeepers all over the world.

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