coner meThis week our goalkeepers have been trying to improve their plyometrics. Now this is a very important part for goalkeepers because it brings in many aspects like strength power agility ability flexibility.

For younger keep it as a great way to work this set position. We did this using hurdles so the keepers would jump and land in the set position and receive service, now over the course of the session the keepers were asked to do many different drills with hurdles to help improve that set position and move on to power work so to improve highball and the power step in the dive
For our older keepers the session was about increasing the power and can they use it with a high ball, can they use it when making saves. we had a great examples from one of our Keepers whos take off for a high dive was fantastic after working with the hurdles.

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Matt Nash

Head Of Goalkeeping Development

Goalkeeper Gloves