One of the most common questions that I am asked at my Goalkeeper Coaching in Leeds classes is how to take a good Goal Kick.


This is a really important aspect of the game especially as kids get older as the retreat line that is in for younger players is removed once kids get to Under 11s. I always give the following advice:


  1. Find a good level piece of the field to place the ball upon.
  2. Place the ball in a way that gives you a target to kick, for example just under the name of the ball manufacturer.
  3. Take a few steps back and get yourself into a positive mind set.
  4. As you walk back try to find a target player to aim for.
  5. Approach the ball at pace
  6. Place your non kicking foot to the side of the football about a foot length behind the ball
  7. Lean your body slightly back
  8. Ensure that your knee is not over the ball
  9. Kick the ball at the bottom of your target
  10. Use the knuckles of your foot to hit the ball
  11. Ensure that your kick follows all the way through as quickly as possible
  12. Once the ball is kicked get back into an appropriate position to make sure you can see the ball and be in a position to save it incase the ball comes back to you


These few tips should hopefully improve you or your goalkeepers distribution of the ball. It is really important that you practice, practice, and practice more. The more you practice the more comfortable you will feel with this aspect of your game.


When you start using this technique please down get down hearted if it doesn’t go perfect straight away, as the more you practice the more precise the kicks will get and the more confident you will get with them.


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