So, we are already in mid July. Where has the time gone this year?! For me Just4keepers Channel Islands has been building really well and Im thankful to work with such very talented goalkeepers. Its great to see such enthusiasm and great attitudes every week and a willingness to learn. Because of this I have created 2 Day Camps on the 25th July & 22nd August. Should you want more information or to register just contact You don’t have to be J4K registered to attend.

Over the coming weeks we will be working on distribution, & 1 on 1 situations but not forgetting our core skills around footwork and handling which are so important. It made me think about who was the best keeper I could remember who excelled around these 2 areas. For me there is only 1 goalkeeper who excelled at both and that is Peter Schmeichel who played for Manchester United during his successful years. I’m sure my younger keepers wont have heard of him – you may have heard of this son Kasper who plays for Leicester City – but id encourage any keeper to Google or YouTube him. I remember watching in awe at the amount of times he would win a 1 on 1 duel. He was an imposing keeper, made himself look so big, and was confident in the situation. He knew that the attacker would not win the duel. He had his own style as well – his notorious star fish dive where he would spread himself at the feet or even face of the attacker to repel the ball. He really was untouchable. And to add to his armory he had the most laser like right arm, where he could fling the ball 50-60 yards to the wings (this is when Man Utd had Ryan Giggs in his pomp!) and the ball would land at the feet of the outfielder. It was a joy to watch and completely changed the (in my opinion) the focus on distrbution for keepers from simply ‘booting it forward’ to looking to ‘retain possession’, something we see more and more of in modern football.

So have a think about what keepers you see who are very good in 1 on 1 situations and also can distribute the ball without giving it away. We can chat about it in next weeks session!


On a seperate note we have introduced a new J4K glove range – Carbon & Anarchy. The quality of the gloves is superb and have been roadtested by some professional goalkeepers. Contact me directly should you wish to order a new pair before they fly off the shelves!