And so, 3 sessions in, word is swiftly moving around Jersey regarding Just4Keepers CI. Its been great working with the goalkeepers so far and Im told by their parents they have been having a lot of fun – which is one of the main aims!

Recent weeks we have been working quite a lot on footwork and handling which are obviously 2 of the most important features for any goalkeeper. However over the coming weeks we will be working on so many more goalkeeper techniques and talking about match scenarios. Theres so much to cover, but the beauty of running sessions every week is that you have plenty time to cover these various techniques!

As well as the weekly sessions on a friday don’t forget I do offer specialised 1-2-1 sessions which some parents have already got me booked in for and club coaching too. Just contact me by email to discuss further.

Also for those registered keepers don’t forget to keep wearing your J4K branded gear out and about Jersey when your playing football and don’t forget to speak to other keepers about us!

Im going to finish on quite a “boring” subject – compared to making big saves! Its about how to look after your gloves – parents take note!! Seriously though, doing the right thing when it comes to your gloves is essential otherwise you will be going through gloves month after month. Im hoping you look after your boots after each session so it should not be any different to your gloves. Hopefully this video will give you some pointers!!