pro-dualGoalkeeping Clothing

This winter i have seen a lot of goalkeepers not wearing the right winter goalkeeper clothing, either at J4K training or at matches. Now i know and so do my mum and dad that being a goalkeeper can be expensive. The Goalkeeper Glove Shop and J4K are here to lower that cost.

A must have for goalkeepers is goalkeeper gloves…lol, is skins. Skins is a brand but also the name us footballers use for the tight like running shorts that are now available as a long sleeve tops and full length trouser. The bonus of these under skins are they can match your shorts to keep the ref happy. Where to find these skins at a good price? a clue is ask the newcastle chairman, I have found this the best place for skins but for FREE goalkeeper gloves check out

If our under skins is our foundation of our goalkeeper clothing, we can add to this the J4K 3/4 lengths, these are brilliant for keeping goalkeepers warm and protected in the winter. Plus they will not get boggy when its raining like some goalkeeper trousers can. “long summer, short winter”


The Goalkeeper glove Shop also do a goalkeeper glove which is very thick it has two palms and is called The J4K Pro Dual, these goalkeeper gloves will keeper goalkeepers hands protected when wet and also warm because they are twice as thick as our other goalkeeper gloves.

Keep Saving and Keep it J4K