There are a few goalkeeper camps around in Kent now, but which is the best one for your goalkeeper?

Obviously, you need to make sure that whichever goalkeeper camp you choose they are fully qualified, CRB checked and insured. Most importantly that they are EXPERIENCED.

Sadly there are many coaching schools starting up recently that claim to do goalkeeper coaching, whether just for the summer months to earn some extra money, or to make sure they have goalkeepers for their so called academies.

For me there is really only one camp in Kent that truly focuses on the specialised coaching that a goalkeeper needs. Having been coaching for 12 years and training year round at over 14 venues in Kent, Just4keepers is the only choice to progress your keeper to the next level!

Not only do they provide the best coaching in the area they are so much more than just another coaching school.

Please check out for everything that J4K does for its students.

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