This is something very GENUINE and UNIQUE J4K is offering, and is normally only open to professional goalkeepers.

This is not a promotional trick, it is a genuine offer from J4K to you. So if you do take this offer up, the only thing that we ask, if you could please tell other goalkeepers what we are doing, so they too can benefit and can also email me a picture of yourself wearing the J4K glove.

How the sponsorship works is whatever gloves your purchase from J4K, J4K will sponsor you for the second pair, so you will get the second pair for FREE with NO catches!!!

For Example: Say you got a pair of £30 J4K gloves, J4K will sponsor you for another pair of J4K gloves for £30 or less. If you got a J4K pair for £25, again J4K will sponsor you for another £25 J4K pair or less. Etc etc.It even works if you get the top of the range gloves from J4K at £45!!

This is how to get your sponsored gloves.

Go to the Just4keepers shop

Step 1: Pick the gloves you want. (Our shop is a fully secure place to order)

Step 2: On your order form, there is a comments box towards the end of ordering. All you simply do is write in this box the J4k code that you will find on

Also DO NOT forget, if you pick our £30 gloves for example, these would be about £40 in another glove brand. So you are actually getting £80 worth of gloves for just £30!

To safeguard our kind offer: (Please see the below terms and conditions)

1: All gloves ordered have to be the same size.
2: We can sponsor any glove accept for the J4K Young Pro, Reaction & Pro Ghost.
3: When you order, your sponsored free pair cannot be more expensive than the pair you purchased. It must be the same priced glove or less.
4:This offer is only for gloves not the J4K Kit.
5: Even though you can order as many times as you want, you can only have ONE pair of sponsored gloves per order.

J4K looks forward to supporting you or your goalkeeper this year, and more importantly saving you a ton of money!

Please remember to tell as many goalkeepers as you can because the more keepers that take up our offer, the longer J4K can continue to give away free goalkeeper gloves!

Only fully priced gloves can be used in the sponsorship deal, no gloves reduced in price will be available in this offer.