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As we develop and get older as goalkeepers we need to look at other ways to improve. Lewis Bishop and J4K have put several videos together to help goalkeepers improve their strength, fitness, speed and agility.

We have put a few videos below that will show you some great exercises. If your a goalkeeper in Bury and Bolton and would like more information on the videos or on our goalkeeper classes then contact Lewis Bishop.

We run weekly goalkeeper classes in Bolton and Bury every week. Using up to date techniques and professional coaching methods we will improve every goalkeeper that attends our classes.


Performance 58 is ran by Kevin Connolly in Bolton (Lancashire). This is Bolton’s premier strength & Fitness studio. Located just outside of Bolton town centre above Barbarian Gym, Performance58 is simple to get to and once you’re in there you can pay as you train or pay monthly.

Performance58 offers you the best functional training equipment, equipment that has been specifically designed to increase an individuals overall fitness.

There are many different classes on offer throughout different times of the day including weekends…

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Circuit classes

Weight lifting classes

One on One personal sessions

Functional sports teams sessions.

With our elite Strength & Fitness coach and CrossFit Level 1 trainer Kevin Connolly, classes are designed with a specific purpose. Classes are periodised into sections over a number of weeks. This makes sure overload, progression and adaptation of training can occur, helping maximise the benefits of your hard work that is put in at the gym.

Free and easy access for parking