Just 4 keepers goalkeeper training in merseyside and cheshire has done it again!!!

female goalkeepers Boo Tait and Alex Everett have both been chosen to represent Merseyside (boo tait) and Cheshire (Alex Everett). It is one of the biggest honours to represent your county at youth level and both have done extremely well getting into the respective squads!!!

(Boo Tait playing for England)





Boo  and Alex have attended Just4keepers merseyside for several years now and are now starting to see the benefit from there hard work.

Boo Tait has also been picked for England Schools which is a tremendous acheivment and something everyone around boo is very proud off

Having personally coached Boo myself, I know first hand just how much hard work she puts into her goalkeeper training session, so it was a very proud moment for me when I seen her picture on facebook in the England kit having been picked for England schools.


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