Ok we have had a lot of J4K success stories of late regarding male goalkeepers. But did you know that J4K has just as must success with female goalkeepers.

Over the years, J4K goalkeeper training schools has helped many MANY girl goalkeepers get to professional football clubs and quite a few get scholarships throughout the USA.

10365890_10152857290859791_97296118022720541_nBelow you will see a J4K star in the making… Boo Tait has attended Just4keepers for several years now and is now starting to see the benefit from her hard work.

Having personally coached Boo myself, I know first hand just how much hard work she puts into her goalkeeper training session, so it was a very proud moment for me when I seen her picture on facebook in the England kit having been picked for England schools.

This is nothing more than what you deserve Boo. Everyone at J4K wishes you the best of luck. However I know you are destined for goalkeeping success!

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