Over the 14 plus years, J4K goalkeeper training schools has had many MANY success stories from our goalkeeper students going on to become professional goalkeepers, gaining the top college scholarships, to becoming successful in other sports as well as becoming doctors, lawyers etc..

So I soooo happy to hear another J4K success story this week that Bobby Schofield got a major film role alongside legend actor Jude Law in the film 2014 Black Sea.

What makes this very very special for me is I personally coached Bobby for over a year in our home town of Liverpool, UK. Myself and fellow Just4keepers coaches always try to distill life skills and confidence into all our students, as this helps with many aspects of life. However there was always a few students who had these powerful traits in abundance and as a coach you always know these students will go and have a successful life. A Bobby was just one of those students.

Bobby always had a special knack of making everyone laugh and he made the J4K saturday morning goalkeeper training class very special and memorable  and I am more than positive Bobby will make his personality shine on the big screen.

Well done Bobby, from myself and fellow J4K coaches are very VERY proud of you my friend. Ray Newland

bobby schofield

Bobby Schofield