Below you will see the amazing picture of ex Jus4tkeepers student Adam Davies who played in front of over 60,000 people to win the football league trophy final at Wembley this weekend..

Adam who stated J4K when he was about 9 years old trained under Just4keepers founder Ray Newland.

Ray who has helped literally hundreds of goalkeepers achieve their dream of getting to professional clubs said, ‘Adam was one of those goalkeepers as soon as I coached him for the first time, I knew that he has a chance of going all the way to the pro levels’.

‘He just had to keep his head down and work hard with his goalkeeper training’

And to Adams credit he did just that and by the age of 12 years old, Adam had professional clubs chasing him but he listened to Ray’s advice and continued to play for his local club and continued with J4K and turned down the many advances from pro clubs.

When Adam was 15 years old, Ray recommended him to premiership club Everton FC, who signed Adam after just one training session. Adam then went on to represent England and has played for a series of professional football clubs.

adam 1

Adam is still only 23 years old and Ray predicts there is going to be bigger and better things for adam. ‘I have been involved in developing goalkeepers for over two decades now, and I know talent when I see it and adam has the potential to be a premiership goalkeeper. I know his character and his willingness to develop and he 100% has the ability, so with a bit of luck I forsee Adam playing in the premiership one day. When he does, he better get me some free tickets if he does!’

So could you follow in adams footsteps and be the next j4K success story?

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