Now that we have reached the end of the football season, and i have Two months off from working with the Pro Goalkeepers at Scunthorpe Utd, it will give me a great chance to catch up on some one on one coaching!!

Receiving One on One coaching will benefit students massively as it gives me a chance to work on them in more Technical detail and allows me to assess, work on and improve weaknesses in just a 90 minute session

Working closer with the students also allows them to talk about how they feel about their game, how they assess their own performances, as the mental side of goalkeeping especially in young, developing keepers is massive!!! The amount of times that i have been to games where managers on the sides are berating goalkeepers about something they have no clue of and of which they really do not understand the implications of negativity towards their goalkeeper and his/her long term development!! so being able to talk to them, tell them from my experiences of 20 Yrs in Professional football both as a young up and coming keeper and as a coach will hopefully help them.

If you are interested in a One on One session please Email me on: