With the wet weather approaching here are some tips for drying out your goalie gloves!

There’s nothing worse than putting wet gloves on for a match day after it rained on you r training night and they haven’t dried out properly, I’ve done it myself many times!

Goalkeeping is hard enough anyway so we need to give ourselves the best chance to keep a clean sheet, having dry gloves with a slightly moist palm can help us so much when it comes to catching crosses and shots. Having wet gloves can make us goalkeepers feel uncomfortable and often make us mess with our gloves. Hopefully these tips will help make sure your gloves are ready for training and matches!

1. Never put them back into your glove bag wet! You will more than likely forget about them being wet and they will have no chance to dry out in time.

2. Softly wring your gloves out after using them. Don’t twist too hard as this will knock them out of shape but it will help get much of the water out quickly!

3. Never place them on the radiator! I did this once and haven’t done it since. It gets them dry that’s for sure but when you come to pick them up the latex is stuck onto the radiator!

4. Hang them out somewhere safe! You might want to use an outdoor washing line if the weather is okay or if you’re very lucky and have an indoor line even better. I’ve even used coat hangers in the past, basically anything that you can strap your gloves to to hang will really help.

Here is the view from our utility room with my gloves drying out ready for the next time I need them.


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