GK1 Direct new neo range

   www.GK1Direct.co.uk  are giving away Glove Sponsorship for ALL Keepers in South West:

If you are a goalkeeper in Dorset and Somerset of ANY AGE who wants to be sponsored for his/her goalkeeper gloves by Just4keepers, send J4K an email and we will see if we can help you.

4 FREE Sponsorship email jaygibbs@just4keepers.co.uk or call: 01305 833487 mob: 07979195485

Just4keepers International Goalkeeper Academy would like to sponsor 2000 grassroots goalkeepers in the South-West by January 2014

Just4Keepers Professional Glove Range

Over the years we and our goalkeeper students have paid through our noses for high priced goalkeeper gloves.

So in 2009 we decided to bring out our own glove range at VERY FAIR prices.

All our gloves have been tested by professional goalkeepers to make certain our gloves are top professional quality. So we are very proud to say that we have achieved are goal of producing top professional goalkeeper gloves at very fair prices.

Please Note: If you are a Just4keepers Goalkeeper Student you will get your gloves for up to 50% cheaper than the price quoted on our website.
So please see your J4K coach and ask how you get your HUGE discount

So, What are the best gloves to buy?

You maybe be surprised that I am not going to say Just4keepers own brand. (Lol!!)

If i am to be 100% honest, all gloves are the same and most are made in the same factories!

The reason why I know this, is because J4K have spent the last 12 months developing our gloves , I have seen where most gloves are produced and manufactured, which is the same factory as J4K’s!

So if they are all more or less the same, what gloves should you buy?

Like most keepers, you will have your favorite glove. But the chances are if you look at other gloves on the market, you can find the SAME SPECIFICATION GLOVE in another brand for sometimes half the price!

Ok they may look different, with different colours etc… but they will be the same glove!

And the great thing is, even though you are paying 50% less in some cases, the glove is the SAME!!!

Without trying to plug the J4K Pro glove, (As i am using this just as an example) it is a £35 glove. But other gloves on the market with the same design go for £70+ !

Why is this?

Simply put, we put less mark up on our gloves!

You will find other companies do this, so shop about as you will be surprised what you will get!

I hope this J4K Tip helps!

Please can you pass this information onto your keepers, and get them sponsored with J4K quick (We have already sponsored 1000 keepers in the South West)!!!

Best of goalkeeping

Jay Gibbs (Best Goalkeeper Coaching in Dorset)

Head GK Coach Just4keepers