Do you still really love the game of soccer you fell in love with?

Over the years running Just4keepers I have been asked many MANY times why I do not bother to watch the soccer games, especially the premiership.

I run my Just4keepers (soccer)goalkeeper schools across 30 countries and 5 continents now, I have played in goal since I was 8 years old and I was a professional goalkeeper for nearly a decade, so it does raise a few eye brows when I state I cannot be bothered watching a soccer game, especially at the highest levels.

Now I still have my passion for goalkeeping and coaching and helping our J4K students and J4K goalkeeper coaches globally but I now think top flight soccer is boring.

Why people ask?

Obviously this is because the game has changed so much since I first fell in love with the game all those years back . When I played it was a mans game, it was more physical and I felt (for the most part) the players where more honest.

Now as we now know, there is a lot of cheating (or as commentators like to disguise it play acting) and there is the diving when a player comes within 2 ft of another player.

I am also still amazed how the players in this era seem to come off the field at the end of the game, looking neat, tidy, clean and not one piece of hair out of place…!

I know the game has evolved for the better in terms of quality soccer but for me it is just not the same game, the honesty and grit of the game seems to have more or less disappeared.

It is also funny, when I meet up with ex professional players who I played with or against over the years, the majority state the same as me.

Of course, I will still watch a game of soccer but if it was a choice between watching watch for FREE the likes of Real Madrid, Man City, Arsenal or a top flight team or having to PAY to watch one of the lower league professional teams, I would always opt to pay to watch the lower league teams as I feel that there is still some honesty and grit at this level.

For you guys the other side of 40 now like me, what is your thoughts on this?

Whether you are still involved with soccer or not, is soccer the same game you fell in love with?