Over the years, If I had a penny every time I had a parent ask me how to deal with a egoistical coach, lets just say I would have a lot of pennies:)
Thankfully most coaches are decent people and coach for the right reasons, and we are also now in a day and age an arrogant egoistical coach quite rightly is moved on and out pretty quickly.
However even though there is less and less ego driven coaches about, they are still out there!
We all know the type, the ones that live their lives through their players eyes and they have to win at all costs.
So the question I want to ask you? If you (or your goalkeeping child) has ever had to deal with a ego coach, how did you deal with this?

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For Example:
?They blamed you for every goal.
?They advise you wrongly, then blame you when goals go in.
?They are always right
?They belittle you in front of the players and parents
?The rant and rave from the sidelines ?
So if you have had a poor experienced please advise below what happened and more importantly how you dealt with this type of coach.
This will help fellow goalkeepers and or parents of goalkeepers deal in the J4K Community deal with such an issue if it unfortunately crops up.
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