12032150_1078644512145969_63651957423857896_nCrossfit training in Bolton

At Just4keepers we are always looking for new ways to help improve our goalkeepers. Whether its by improving our goalkeeper gloves or posting strength and fitness videos onto our YouTube channel.

At the moment we are working with Performance 58 in Bolton. Performance 58 is a gym in the middle of Bolton, Kevin 12187671_10152984765061065_2986615574600438468_nConnolly is the owner and coach of the gym where he runs weekly strength and conditioning sessions.

strength and conditioning is becoming more and more popular with athletes every month. If you are a goalkeeper, marathon runner or even a weight lifter strength and conditioning training will be for you.

At our goalkeeper classes in Bolton and Bury we will give you all the tools you need to become the best possible goalkeeper. When it comes to the strength and fitness training we will give you the best possible information with the help of performance 58.

If you would like to take part in a strength and conditioning training session then contact Kevin Connolly. If you would like to attend a goalkeeper coaching session in Bury or Bolton then contact Lewis Bishop


We have put together a video below to show you a workout that is perfect for goalkeepers.