If you’re a parent who has a child as a goalkeeper it can be a pain buying childrens goalkeeper gloves. It can be a mine field for parents looking for goalkeeper gloves for their children but hopefully the below tips with help.

Tip 1. Try not buy the cheapest gloves that you see, remember there cheap for a reason and normally what happens the cheap gloves wear away very quickly, so you end up spending more money over the space of a football season anyway!

Tip 2. Make sure the palm thickness is at least 4mm thick. Your goalkeeper child needs to have some type of padding and most cheap palms are 2mm or 3mm palms.

You need to know that wearing a thin palmed goalkeeper glove for a child can be very unpleasant and will offer them little protection or grip on the ball.

For just a few pounds more, you can buy children’s goalkeeper gloves that offers more protection for your child making it a better experience plus by spending just a few more pounds on a glove, you will end up saving more money over the space of the season as you will not have to buy as many pairs of goalkeeper gloves.

We hope this quick tips helps but please remember but buying cheap goalkeeper gloves will probably end up costing you more money, so for the sake of spending say £5 more for your keeper gloves, it will save you money over the space of the football season.

Best of goalkeeping.