One of the biggest mistakes goalkeepers make (or a parent of a goalkeeper) when looking for a cheap pair of goalkeeper gloves, they type into google, ‘cheap goalkeeper gloves’

Now we all want a great deal and I am no different but the problem you will get if you typein this search, you are going to get low cost goalkeeper gloves which are normally bottom of range, which is not good.

If you get a bottom of the range pair of goalkeeper gloves normally the palms are like paper and offer no protection and no decent grip. This can be quite bad for young goalkeepers who need extra padding on the glove palm and if you do indeed by a cheap pair of goalkeeping gloves, the chances are you are going to end up with a pair of cheap gloves that is not going to offer this extra padding.

Ideally you need a goalkeeper glove palm that is at least 4mm thick and with cheap goalie gloves the thickness is normally about 2mm thick which is not good guys!

Check out the short video below that will help you make sure that you do not get shorted changed with a inadequate goalkeeper glove when you are looking for a cheap pair.

Also before you watch the below video, instead of searching for cheaper keeper gloves, instead type in words like..

last seasons goalkeepers gloves, clearance stock goalkeeper gloves, goalkeeper gloves sale… by typing these words into google you will probably get a much dearer glove (that will offer you this protection) for a cheap price.

So your getting your cheap gk glove but your getting a better product!!!!

Check out the video below for more sound goalkeeping advice.

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