I am stating more than the obvious when I say picking the right goalkeeping glove is important for a goalkeeper!

However did you know most goalkeepers get this wrong!

Actually its mostly the parents who buy for their child who normally get this wrong.

What most goalkeepers and or their parents do, is purchase a pair of goalkeeping gloves which their favourite professional keeper wears, or they see a glove sale and cannot resist paying the discounted sale price.

Now all this is great but the big BUT is, if you buy the wrong shape keeper glove for the shape of your hand, this is obviously not going tobe good no matter how good the glove deal was.

If you buy the wrong gk glove, not only could it affect your goalkeeping performance but the glove may actually wear away  alot faster or even rip!

But if you pick the right gk glove, not only can it help performance (as you will obviously play and train better if the gloves feels comfortable!) but also, your gloves will most probably last longer… so it is worth finding out the best gk glove for your handshape! And the great news is, it will not cost you any more money to find a keeper glove that best fits your hand shape!

Again the great news is, there will be a glove shape to fit your shaped hand because there is now  so many different types of gloves cuts on the market from Flat Palm, Roll Finger, Hybrid to negative cut..

So here is the $million dollar question? how do YOU buy the correct goalkeeper glove for your hand shape??

Rather than me go into to much detail here, its explained here on the link below that J4K has prepared for you!.

 Hope this tip helped!