Best Goalkeeper Gloves

What are the best goalkeeper gloves?

One of the biggest mistakes goalkeepers make (or especially parents of goalkeepers) when looking for the best goalkeeper gloves in the market is they either.

One: Copy the goalkeeper gloves their favourite professional goalkeepers wears. (mistake)

Two: They type into google, ‘best goalkeeper gloves’ again mistake.

The truth is, NO goalkeeper glove brand is the ‘BEST’ keeper glove because when you know how thy get made, most glove brands are made in the same factory.

The key is, is to get a goalkeeper glove that is the same shape as your hand because this is much more important than anything else when getting a goalie glove that you feel comfortable with.

Watch the short below which will advise you how to make sure you do not make the mistake when you are looking at purchasing you goalkeeper gloves.

I hope this video will help you choose the Best Goalkeeper Glove for you and your shaped hand.

Ray Newland