The modern Goalkeeper, to stay or to go?

With the Goalkeepers role changing year by year there are so many differences in the game, the one I am talking about today is the decision to rush out to close down the angle or to hold your ground and react to the shot, I see many ‘old school’ coaches shouting at keepers to “close the angle” but by doing this are you leaving the space behind you for a lob on a pass to the back post?

Although Lionel Messi is outstanding at making goalkeepers look like fools this video shows how the goalkeepers have made it to easy by rushing off there line and leaving the goal exposed, some of the main culprits in this crime are Tibo Courtois (Chelsea) & Simon Mignolet (Liverpool).

The alternative to this is to drop deeper to the line & have more time to react to the ball, some of the best in the world at this are Lukasz Fabianski (Swansea) & Claudio Bravo (Barcelona) if you get chance to watch them in games look at how deep they drop, sometimes even behind the line in extreme cases, in this video we see Fabianski in Swansea training, look at how deep they drop to perform certain saves!Tibo C saveFabianski save