Another Just4keepers Success Story

For goalkeepers and parents who have been involved in J4K over the past 20 plus years we have been in operation, they will know we are more than just a goalkeeper schools trying to help our students achieve their dreams of becoming a professional goalkeeper.
J4K is foremost about building the confidence of our students and helping them to become a better and stronger person, because these skills can be taken into adulthood.
And below is yet another success story, and why any parent who has a goalkeeping child, should let them experience Just4keepers.
Conor Burns started Just4keepers aged just 6 years old, and straight away even at this young age, we could tell he had something about him. He was a very polite, hard working and a very focused young man. If memory serves me right, Conor stayed on with J4k until 18 years of age.
Below is a message I got from Conors dad recently, and to me its such an honour that Just4keepers is still remembered by Conor and his dad Alan after all these year. (Conor is now 24 years old).
And it is also such a great feeling to see one of our ex students having success in his adult life and that the recognises Just4keepers for helping them in some small way.
Please read the message below from Alan, (Conors Dad)
Recipient: Ray
Message Body:?Hi ray, remember me, Conor Burns dad from the Docker’s club. Just thought I’d drop u a line and tell u how Conor is. He’s achieved a goal in being taller than me!! He has a great job in the airport, airfield safety officer, basically in charge of everything that happens airside when he’s on shift and he loves it. Unfortunately means he can’t play anymore cos of his shifts. J4K helped make him the man he is today so thanks so much and hope u and the family are all well.
Alan X.
Please see a picture of Conor and Alan sharing a beer