Please see below James Norton J4K Goalkeeper Training Coach and his student Kyle Richards.

Kyle Richards signed for Sheffield United. Kyle initially went on trial and was the only goalkeeper out of 30 to be asked back. After impressing at the development centre he was fast tracked to formal 6 week trial. At his last trial match he saved a penalty against Liverpool. When he signed his coach asked him where he trained before coming on trial; he commented that he had an excellent technique and had obviously been well grounded. I know that academies see the work that goalkeepers do from the age of 7-11 as so important in giving the goalkeepers the foundation for later development. Kyle’s Mum said ‘Kyle and myself would like to thank James for all the help you have given to get Kyle to where he is today’.


James and Kyle

James Norton has been a J4K coach for nearly a decade and has a second to none reputation for helping goalkeepers develop. James does goalkeeper training in scunthorpe and surrounding areas. To check his profile goto