If you follow me and or J4K, you will know that I am always harping on about the importance of doing extra training, even if this means on your own. And this is why we created https://j4ksports.co.uk/Goalkeeper-diy to give keepers with hunger to achieve their dreams – the edge over their competition!

In the 20 plus years running J4K, the keepers that achieve their dreams are not always the keepers with natural talent, in fact its the opposite. Its the goalkeepers with average talent, BUT they are prepared to worker harder then their competition!

So if you check out the main video at https://j4ksports.co.uk/Goalkeeper-diy I explain why this is so so important.

I have also deducted all the training iAds by 50% off, to encourage you to get into the habit of doing more than the average, because it is so so important!