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Just4keepers has been running for over a decade now founded in 1999 by Ex Everton goalkeeper Ray Newland, so we are not one of these come today, gone tomorrow coaching schools that sadly seem to be everywhere now. We pride ourselves in our fair prices and that we go the extra mile for our students.

We are with our goalkeeper students for the long haul and are exceptionally proud of the results we have achieved for them, as our results are unrivalled anywhere worldwide.

Also the goalkeeper coaches at Just4Keepers boast OVER 450 YEARS combined professional playing and coaching experience between them all. No other similar goalkeeper coaching organisation worldwide even comes close to the combined experience of J4K.

In fact unbelievably our coaches boast nearly 10,000 professional games between them all…!

That’s nearly ONE MIILLION professional goalkeeping hours played between our J4K coaches.

We boast coaches who have played at professional and International level, have played Champions league football, have played in World Cups… we even have a MBE as a J4K coach! So you are literally in safe hands with Just4keepers and will not find anything else like this worldwide.

As well as quality coaching that you are guaranteed at J4K, we have also created some ‘Once in a lifetime opportunities for our students’. Please read through our site to read the many many advantages of coming to Just4Keepers.

At the time of writing, there are now over fifty goalkeeper coaches coaching with J4K in 7 countries and we have goalkeeper coaches with huge names who have represented their country in goal, to name but a few, Jim Leighton MBE (Scotland’s MOST capped goalkeeper in history), Kevin Pressman ( England), Shane Niebeer ( South African), Neil Cutler (England), Lee Kendal (Wales), Ron Healey ( Ireland) and Steve Williams (Wales).

Also, J4k has coaches who currently coach for their country, Lee Kendal (Wales), John Ritchie and Jim Leighton (Scotland). In fact Jim and John are that much respected in Scotland that they are in charge of the goalkeeper development for the SFA (Scottish football association).

Other goalkeeper coaches we boast with huge experience are David Felgate (Ex Bolton), Mark Goodlad (EX Port vale), Matt Greg (Ex Crystal Palace), Ray Newland (ex Everton), Phil Priestly (Ex Scarborough, Mark Harrison (Stoke City), Jason Pearcey (Grimsby Town), Jim Provit (Hartlepool) and Riccardo Grecco (who played in the Italian leagues) We also at the time of writing currently have J4K coaches working with professional football clubs like, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Wolves, Stockport County, Stoke City, Nottingham Forest, Darlington, Hartlepool United, Gillingham and Bury.

And we also boast to have a contact at more or less EVERY professional football club in England and Scotland. This is also including the Welsh and Irish leagues, so we are in a wonderful opportunity to pass any talent on to professional clubs that come through the Just4keepers door. What is important on top of all this, is we ONLY deal with the decision makers at professional clubs, not with a scout 18 levels down the pecking order!

Because of this vast amount of goalkeeping experience, our goalkeeper training sessions are unique worldwide and as a result J4K has provided more opportunities and results for budding young goalkeepers than ANY OTHER goalkeeper coaching school in history.

So why not come along for a FREE SESSION at a VENUE NEAR YOU and enjoy the Just4keepers experience.

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