How do I stay focused throughout my game even when there is nothing to do?”
Is something we get asked frequently here at J4K. Our advice is that there is always something a goalkeeper can do to stay involved in the game!
We encourage our students, even when they’re not diving around or making saves to get involved in the game in other ways. Here are some tips to stay focused throughout the game, please share with anyone that may find this useful!
ENCOURAGE your team mates, give them feedback throughout the game. Let them know what they’ve done well (and not so well) but stay vocal, this will keep your brain engaged.
REVIEW  your starting position. Track the game and be on the move around your box depending on where the ball is on the pitch. Avoid being glued to your line and try to be in the best position possible if the other team was to breakaway.
STUDY your opposition. Get to learn the dominant feet of the opposition teams strikers, try and learn when they make runs and use this info to help you in your next one on one.
SUPPORT teammates by being an option and asking for the ball back to your feet. This will keep you involved physically in the game as well as alleviating pressure off your team.
SPLIT the game down into 5 minute blocks. Try to focus as much as you can in each of these blocks to make the process more achievable.
MOVE as much as possible (especially in cold conditions). This will keep your muscles warm and engage you physically. This could be something as simple as a quick jog on the spot or a few star jumps.
There are always things to do, even when you’re not making saves.