Follow The New J4KMerseyside YouTube Channel

Follow The New J4KMerseyside YouTube Channel with weekly uploads of session’s we do through the week here is our latest one on double saves!!   you could also subscribe to the channel just click the picture below for the easiest way of doing this!!!               Thanks Sam Mass, J4K Read more

New twitter account for @MerseysideJ4K

New twitter account for @MerseysideJ4K @MerseysideJ4K will receive a complete new look with this twitter account trying to bring you daily updates all to do with goalkeeping around the merseyside area if you would like to follow the new account please click on the image below and follow @MerseysideJ4K

Footwork and Diving Goalkeeper Training at J4KMerseyside

This video is a short video from our recent Footwork and Diving Goalkeeper Training session at @MerseysideJ4K, with the season over for many goalkeeper’s the advanced goalkeepers @MerseysideJ4K have started easing in to there pre season already even though this is a tough session we  @MerseysideJ4K try to make every session as enjoyable as possible as seen in Read more

The goalkeeper glove con

The goalkeeper glove con For the goalkeeper students and parents of our students who know J4K well and also myself, they will state that the advice that myself and J4K offers is always genuine. And even if myself or J4K advises our students and parents and they go elsewhere, we are not concerned because to Read more

1 to 1 Goalkeeper Coaching Session

1 to 1 Goalkeeper Coaching Session A massive well done to Zhara Cheeseman from Haywards Heath, for the effort put in to our 1 to 1 Goalkeeper Coaching Session. Zhara is working hard before a trial date she has later on this month, with the U’16 Brighton and Hove Albion Ladies Team. Our main focus was Read more