Goalkeeper Glove Palms

Hybrid Cut Palm Goalkeeper Gloves/Palm Hybrid Cut is normally when the little finger and index finger of the glove is a Roll Finger and the middle two fingers are Negative Cut or Flat Palm. This is normally for keepers who have irregular shaped hands or fingers.   Negative Cut Goalkeeper Gloves/Palm Negative Cut gloves are Read more

Whats the best training glove to use

It seems that every week I see keepers turn up at training in their new match gloves! Please guys save your match gloves for the match!! I’ve seen and tried a lot of goalkeeper gloves over the years and I’ve found that too thin of a palm is no good because it wears faster and Read more

Looking after your gloves

Hi Guys, As we all know this time of year our gloves take a battering from the muddy pitches that we play on. Below are a few tips on looking after your goalkeeper gloves. 1.Keep a pair of gloves for games only. Warm up in a second pair of gloves putting your match gloves on just Read more

Goalkeeping Glove Review CON!!!

Did you know the majority of goalkeeping glove reviews are a BIG con? If you are part of a goalkeeping  forum, the chances you will at one time get manipulated into buying a goalie glove by the owners of the forum, who either own the a goalkeeping item or they are getting some type of Read more

The Best Kids Goalkeeper Glove

The BEST Kids Goalkeeper Gloves Every day I’m asked, what are the best goalkeeper gloves for kids?   I’ve seen and tried a lot of goalkeeper gloves over the years and I’ve found that to thin of a palm is no good because it wears faster and stings the hands when wet and to thick Read more

Goakeeper Training in Latvia

Alot of goalkeepers in countries like UK, USA, Canada and Australia etc want to really count themselves lucky, in fact I would say the majority of goalkeeper in these countries DO NOT realize just how lucky they are with having fantastic facilities. Please check out J4K Latvia goalkeeper coach Igors Labuts below where he has Read more

Goalkeeping Coaching In Wolverhampton – Elite session

Hi. Wolverhampton J4K is now a huge success. Due to such high demand we have now opened an Elite session on a Friday night This will cater for the older groups who need high tempo, technical, match realistic work. Just4Keepers Midlands now has six venues in which we ensure all students get the fundamentals needed to improve. Read more

Goalkeeper Glove Tips

Goalkeeper Glove Tips  After training for a full 4 hours last night and one other goalkeeper saying “i keep dropping the ball in this weather”  I thought I would give you keepers some quick tips on how to keep your gloves clean and mud free during a game or training, this will allow the keeper Read more

Goalkeeper Training In Middlesex, What is best for me?

Goalkeeper Training In Middlesex, What is best for me?  It depends really: if you want to develop and as a keeper you need to find a goalkeeper coaching schools that are focusing on coaching and training, and who are normally training week in week out. All year round! So if you want to improve as Read more

Goalkeeper Training In Grayshott

Do goalkeepers get enough goalkeeper training in Grayshott at their clubs, most of the time its no and this is not down to the clubs or coaches. Goalkeeper training is so specialized that you need to be trained all the time by a goalkeeper coach with no other players under his or hers guidance. Keepers Read more