Keepers to Watch at Euro 2012

Defense wins championships. It’s one of the most widely-used clichés in sports, for good reason. Offense puts people in seats, draws in viewers, and commands the most attention (and in professional sports, often gets the highest salaries), but if you don’t have some semblance of a defense, you will often fall short, even in the Read more

Goalkeeping a Pseudo Science?

In article from the Guardian website focuses on England’s current goalkeeper problem. I wanted to highlight a part of the article which I thought was something to consider – It may seem illogical to blame James for an untimely bobble of the ball, but I believe we should, mainly because goalkeeping is an illogical business, Read more

Nigel Hamson

Nigel Hamson joins J4K to run Just4keepers bolton.

J4K Sponsors our 500th Goalkeeper

Just4keepers goalkeepertraining schools is on a mission to sponsor a 1000 young goalkeepers with the very popular J4K Goalkeeper Gloves. The J4K Goalie Gloves have now sold in over 25 countries and have been worn from grassroot goalkeeprs to professional goalkeepers, to even interantional goalkeepers. if yo have not seen our goves yet, please give Read more