Below is J4K professional keeper endorsee David Okello from Tusker FC who has now been called up to play for his National team of Kenya.

If you did not see the last press release we did about david, he was living in the slums of kenya, Africa and his dream was to become a pro goalkeeper. He received a pair of donated Just4keepers goalkeeper gloves and this inspired him to start J4K goalkeeper training class in Kenya.

Just a few shorts years later J4K helped david sign professional forms and also get recommended to play for his country and this amazing success David was able to get himself and mother out of the slums thanks to J4K and his hard work to become a better keeper.

Some goalkeepers think they have it hard because they cannot find correct keeper coach, or they are stuck in a football club were the goalkeeper coach is not developing them properly.

If you ever feel down, draw some strength from davids huge J4K success story and coming our of the slums to represent his country!!!

J4K Goalkeeper Gloves

David with his National team mates of kenya