Why do we coach goalkeeper?

Many goalkeeper coaches and soccer coaches will have there own reasons on why they coach every week. To be successful, win matches, build their own confidence or even to make money.11206935_1038903146120106_5680553975285194652_n

Recently I asked myself why do I coach every day each week. Like to majority of good coaches would say is to see our goalkeepers have fun and build confidence.

I have seen many goalkeeper coaches forget the whole reason why they started coaching. When we were young playing and training ourselves we played because we loved goalkeeping and had fun. This is what I tell myself before every training session.

After every goalkeeper session that I coach in I ask myself did the keepers have fun? did they learn some knew techniques or improve? if the answer was yes to both of them then I judge that as a good training session. Plus when you have fun and learn your confidence will build.

As goalkeepers get older many coaches start to think that the fun side goes away and it should all be tough work….. WRONG! The tough work is needed but who says you can’t train hard and not have fun?

At every Just4keepers goalkeeper session we make sure that every goalkeeper comes away with a smile, there confidence has increased, learnt something new and feel good about themselves.11295719_1004335166243571_8958421943070368259_n

If you are a goalkeeper and would like to attend one of our sessions in Bury, Bolton, Stoke, Blackpool, Arizona or even Japan then contact Lewis Bishop by email.