Well done Robin.11188174_10204231140567307_6075492448551516499_n

Robin attends our weekly goalkeeper classes in Middlewich (Cheshire). Since joining Just4keepers Robin has been improving every week. His technical skills and confidence have shot through the roof.

Robin plays for Woodford Juniors and recently played in a tournament in Skegness. In total there were 32 teams trying to win the tournament.

Sometimes goalkeepers need to do a lot to get noticed, as we all know goalkeepers are remembered for being the hero or villain.

Robin stood out from the croud in the whole and won a very special award for his goalkeeping THE GOLDEN BOOT This awards was given to him for being an outstanding player. As a bonus the award was presented to him by Bryan Robson.

Well done robin, keep working hard!11205504_10204231142327351_5633104892507787181_n

If you would like information on our goalkeeper classes in Cheshire email lewisbishop@just4keepers.co.uk