The Negative Cut Cut goalkeeper glove

Are you thinking of using the Negative Cut goalkeeper glove?

Below will give you some more information about the Negative Cut.


The negative cut is a very popular glove cut choice in Europe. It is very similar to the Flat-palm as they are both made with a single piece of latex foam.

The negative cut has seams between the palm and the backhand. The difference between2014-10-14 07.35.53 the flat palm and negative cut is the palm and backhand is attached be a seam on the inside of the goalkeeper glove. This means the negative cut has a very snug fit. Many goalkeepers think it offers a better ‘feel’ when catching and throwing. This cut is more popular for goalkeepers with slimmer hands. The downside to the negative cut is they may wear thin at the fingertip if they are not looked after in the correct way.