The Flat Palm Cut goalkeeper glove

Are you thinking of using the flat palm goalkeeper glove?

Below will give you some more information about the flat palm cut.

When the flat palm goalkeeper glove was invented it was the favorites choice of most goalkeepers. Flat palm gloves have the seams stitched on the outside rather the inside just like negative cut gloves.Adverse Glove-250x250

The flat palm has been one of the most popular glove cut internationally. Because the seams on the flat palm cut are stitched on the outside, it appears to makes each fingers look like a box.  The back hand is stitched to the palm of the glove by attaching two side gussets either side. The flat palm glove mainlt offers a loose fitting. Because of the loose fitting the flat palm is more popular for finger spines and for goalkeepers who have wide fingers. sell a wide range of flat palm goalkeeper gloves.