What do you do with your gloves after training or a match?

Many goalkeepers after training or a match just throw there goalkeeper gloves in a bag until they use them again. If you want to get the best from your goalkeeper gloves follow the steps below.

How to wash your goalkeeper gloves.

Here are Gloves4keepers.co.uk top 5 tips to wash your goalkeeper gloves.

1. Do not put your goalkeeper gloves in the washing machine. The combination of the washing detergents, the spinning motion and temperature is very likely to reduce the durability and performance of your gloves.

2. The better you treat your gloves the longer they will last. Wash your gloves after BT-ROpvCIAAvG2aevery use. Watch the video in this link to see how to wash your goalkeeper gloves.

3. No need for soap, warm water will do the job just right so no need to buy any gimmick glove wash.

4. The sooner you can wash your gloves after a match the better. This means that the dirt does not have time to dry into the latex and also reduces the chance of bacteria developing.

5. When drying your goalkeeper gloves all you  need is a towel and some pressure. Wrap the gloves in the towel and use either your hands combined with your body weight to apply pressure to the gloves. Once the majority of the moisture has been removed, just air in normal room temperature until nearly dry. Do not put your gloves on a radiator or in a airing cupboard at all costs, this will damage the latex on your gloves.