12347608_535886326588445_3480177142750137308_nSpecialised Goalkeeper coaching in Preston

So you want to become a great goalkeeper

If your looking to be a great goalkeeper, you will need a wide variety of skills. Your job is not only to be a good goalkeeper but you will need many other skills and techniques, like being a motivational teammate as well as the last line of defence in a game, but also to properly organize plays (corners, free kicks etc.) Being able to make saves is great but you will also need to have a mental and physical strength to play a 90-plus minute match.


The difference between winning and losing a football match can often lie with the goalkeeper.

That’s why Just4keepers run specialised goalkeeper training in Preston to help goalkeepers from ages 5 upwards improve and become the best goalkeeper they can be.

We have been running our weekly keeper classes since 1999 and have helped 1000’s of goalkeepers improve. Each week our goalkeeper training in Preston is ran in a fun and friendly environment by professional goalkeeper coaches.

Even though we offer goalkeeper coaching we also help our keepers with FREE goalkeeper gloves, help with goalkeeper jobs, goalkeeper scholarships and more.

If you would like to come down to our weekly goalkeeper coaching class in Preston then contact Lewis12239508_531121383731606_273725270078562420_n Bishop. He will give you all the information on when and where your next goalkeeper training class will be.