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One of the main advantages that the has over other consultant agencies is our low price.

We are not only proud at being able to offer such a professional service, but we are also
very pleased to say that we have the cheapest consultant fees around. This is because we are here specifically for goalkeepers.

Stage one- Application  (FREE)   

To sign up you first need to fill in our free application. You will then be given advice and support about what to do next. Click here to fill in the application.10371515_253639691509298_3398585124594189036_n


Stage two- Evaluation ($100) (£70)

If you get accepted to go to stage two click on the PayPal icon below, once payment has
been revived you will be on the road to getting a scholarship.

Our team will help you put all of the relevant information on our website.

– personal profile

– Goalkeeper Profile

– Academic profile

– Video footage

All of this information can be used for you to showcase yourself to American universities, and for American universities to review your profile.

Most scholarship consultancy charge around £1500 just for this service. The reason why we do not need to charge such a substantial amount is that we are here just for goalkeepers.G4G BannerF

Step three- Full membership ($1500) (£1000)

To become a full member click on the PayPal icon below. As a full member you will receive unlimited access to our expert advice on how to gain a scholarship, have access to our networking contacts, be given advice on insurance, SAT tests  VISA application, NCAA and NAIA  and Clearinghouse enrollment, look at how to contact universities and much more.

We will also on your behalf contact universities to help you gain a scholarship. Again if you compare our cost to other consultant agencies you will see that we are by far the cheapest.

Most of all we will be here here for you 24/7 and our team will put all of their experiences into helping you get a a scholarship to America.

the ‘Buy Now’ tab below.

There are no hidden costs at the the costs you see are the only costs you have to pay.