Professional football jobs aren’t handed out 

I have been a goalkeeper coach for 10 years now. In my time I have seen many goalkeepers get signed at professional clubs and many goalkeepers with talent not get singed.


At Just4keepers we believe that the majority of goalkeepers should stay away from professional clubs until they are at least 13 years old. I have coached endless amount of goalkeepers under the age of 13 who have been signed by a pro club. After a year they have been released because they are too small, not what there looking for, need to work on their footwork. There 8 years old!

Once they have been released all the fun in goalkeeping has been taken away so they stop playing.

Once a goalkeeper reaches 13 or older and I feel that they would be suitable for a professional club. I will let them know and give them all the support they need.


Why do some goalkeepers get signed and some don’t?

The simple answer is dedication. When I have coached a goalkeeper who has managed to sign professional contracts or get signed at a professional club. They have got there because of the way they train.

Training at 100% once in a blue moon is not good enough. You will not improve and other goalkeepers around you will over take you before you know it.

You have to treat each training session as if you have 100 scouts watching you.

Professional footballers don’t wake up one morning and there playing at Old Trafford in front of 80,000. It take hard work and dedication.

If you have goalkeeper training twice a week, that means you have five other days free. You should be practicing your goal kicks (left and right foot), work on your fitness (get faster and sharper), get a friend/family to take shots at you.

Drop your excuses and put in the effort.

At the end of the day if you put in 100% effort and don’t make it as a professional goalkeeper you will have no regrets.

If you don’t make it and you don’t put in 100% who do you blame?


Just4keepers will help every goalkeeper try and achieve their dream!