Not just a goalkeeper coaching school

Just4keepers are trusted by thousands of goalkeepers and their parents each week across 5 continents and 23 countries. But we are not only the world’s number one coaching school; we help goalkeepers in so many different ways.

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We run weekly goalkeeper classes all around the world to help keepers improve their skills, techniques and confidence. We have helped over 1000 goalkeepers achieve their dream of becoming a professional goalkeeper. If you would like information on our weekly goalkeeping classes in Blackpool, Blackburn, Arizona, Japan just visit WWW.JUST4KEEPERS.NET

Goalkeeper gloves

As goalkeeper gloves are getting more and more expensive we are always looking for new ways to make sure our goalkeepers can get discounted or even FREE goalkeeper gloves. At our weekly classes you will notice our goalkeeper coaches often give out FREE goalkeeper gloves. For more information on our goalkeeper gloves visit WWW.GLOVES4GOALKEEPERS.COM

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Goalkeeper Scholarship is exactly what it means that we only focus on goalkeepers. Goalkeeping is our speciality and we have played and coached at more or less every level from grass root to International level, so unlike most goalkeeper recruiters we have walked our talk and achieved what we are teaching. So if you’re looking for a soccer scholarship to America take a look at WWW.GOALKEEPERSCHOLARSHIP.COM

Coaching opportunities

Do you want to become a Goalkeeper Coach and put your destiny into your own hands? If yes, come and join our global network of GK Coaches. As well as offering goalkeeper coaching job we also help young goalkeepers with coaching experience at our weekly classes. Visit WWW.GOALKEEPER-JOBS.COM