Get recruited for a soccer scholarship

Goalkeeper Scholarship is exactly what it means that we only focus on goalkeepers. 11391091_1010736445603443_3114311893695365615_nGoalkeeping is our speciality and we have played and coached at more or less every level from grassroot to International level, so unlike most goalkeeper recruiters we have walked our talk and achieved what we are teaching.

This is vital to know that you are getting help from DOERS not theorists because we know what you are going through. We understand your passion to succeed, your hunger, your nerves, when your up, when your down, we know because we have gone through this ourselves, so who better to guide you.

Since 1999 we have been changing goalkeepers lives for the better by not only developing them but by giving goalkeepers opportunities to excel in their goalkeeping and also as a career.

Before we launched Goalkeeper Scholarships, we have (and still do) have huge success in our goalkeeper training academy Just4keepers which is the leading and largest goalkeeper school in the world. Please goto and spend just a few moments researching everything that we do in the goalkeeping world, as it is quite vast.

You will see that we are very unique and we have helped thousands of goalkeepers over the years.

Goalkeeper Scholarship – Proud to be different!