Just4keepers, not just a goalkeeper academy

Since Just4keepers started we have been helping out more goalkeepers achieve their dream of becoming a professional goalkeeper more than any other coaching school around the world.

But we don’t just coach goalkeeper every week.

Unlike other coaching schools where they will coach you from ages 10 to 16 then you have to leave. We have put structures in place so we can help you out throughout your career in goalkeeping.

Our coaching schools take on goalkeepers from ages 6 up to 17. From the ages of 5 below we make sure your children can develop there co ordination, team work and have fun at our little kats coaching schools.

Between the ages of 6 and 17 we will help develop your goalkeeper skills, confidence, team work and help you get into a football academy at the right age whilst having fun.

When your ready to leave high school or college and you want to further your education plus carry on playing football we will help you get a soccer scholarship to America with goalkeeperscholarship.com

We will also help any goalkeeper who wants to get into coaching by giving you work experience, coaching jobs and help on gaining your coaching badges.

Don’t forget to visit www.just4keepers.net to see our goalkeeper classes in Preston, Stoke, Japan, Arizona and many more.

For more information on goalkeeper training in Blackburn or Blackpool email lewisbishop@just4keepers.co.uk