12234898_1095968387080248_5963383496892466341_nIts raining outside12196280_1095968327080254_9109102295235761796_n

Its raining outside! what’s the best clothing to wear for goalkeeping?

At the moment at our weekly goalkeeper classes the weather has been very wet, muddy and windy. So lets make sure you are all prepared and wearing the correct clothing.

First thing is make sure you have a base layer on, there seems to be so many goalkeepers turning up in bad conditions with just one top on. You will be freezing before you know it. so make sure you have a few layers on.

If its raining try and stay away from cotton tops, jumpers and pants. Cotton will just soak up the water and mud and make you feel heavy and cold.

12122613_1094295787247508_3091756456722251451_nSo the best things to wear when goalkeeping in bad weather is bass layers, non cotton tops, goalkeeper padded pants or padded shorts with your bass layer underneath, make sure you have a rain jacket and maybe rain pants. Another useful thing that I wear is waterproof socks. These keep my feet warm and dry when coaching.

I hope this advice helps and goalkeepers, parents or grand parents. It is important for goalkeepers to be prepared so thy can train without worrying about the cold.