Introduction to goalkeeping

The position of a goalkeeper is one of the most important positions on the pitch. You are the last line of defence and sometimes the first line of attack.

So, what does it take to be a good goalkeepers? you need courage, a cool head, quick reflexes, a loud voice and confidence.IMG_5867

If you think you have any of the above or think you could handle being a goalkeeper, you’re half way there. Confidence is so important as a goalkeeper to help you believe in what your doing.

You are unique and important. You might not be able to win a game by scoring, but you can certainly win a game by pulling of a world class save, a penalty save or even a last minuet one on one.

At our weekly goalkeeper classes we help teach the basics of goalkeeping and advanced goalkeeper techniques. You will learn techniques of how and when to catch or parry to ball, where to position yourself and how to become the best goalkeeper you can be.

If you feel that you would like to become a great goalkeeper whilst having fun then click the links below to find out all the information.

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