How to make it as a professional goalkeeper

Its every goalkeepers dream to make it as a professional goalkeeper. Playing football every day as your full time job, nothing beats that. Many goalkeepers try to make it as a professional and many fail. Below will give you a few insights to help you on long your way of becoming a professional goalkeeper.


In my time as a goalkeeper coach I have come across many talented goalkeepers. Some IMG_20141019_180601who made it professional and some who missed out.

90% of the ones who missed out was down to they did not want it enough. When you start to get older and have more freedom, your friends are going out, PlayStation, Xbox etc. You have more distractions.

This is when you have to say to yourself ‘what do I want?’. Of course you can go out with your friends but professional make it as a professional by training nearly everyday.

Have no regrets!


There are lots of other tips of how to become a professional goalkeeper. Look out for more updates or for help and advice email