How do I get a soccer scholarship to the USA?10420088_491346514343992_3153484782453523513_n (1)

With soccer growing every year in the USA more and more students are looking to get soccer scholarships from around the world.

How do I Get a College Soccer Scholarship to the USA?

To date there are just over one thousand universities in the US that offer the chance to play soccer at college. Soccer coaches do not have the time or resources to see every qualified soccer player. Many coaches will expect you to take the initiative and try to contact them first. If you feel that you would be suitable for a soccer scholarship then contact

How do you Get College Coaches to Watch Your video

If you try to get college coaches to watch your matches this can be difficult, that’s why will film you playing and training then showcase your video to US soccer coaches.


If you feel that you would like more information on how to get a soccer scholarship or need to know if you are eligible for a scholarship then visit to fill in our application.






Stage One – Free Application

If you feel that you have what it takes to gain a scholarship through your goalkeeping  and academic ability, then fill out the FREE application 

Once a member of our team has received your application, we will contact you to discuss your next steps and offer you professional advice.  We will then invite you to stage two.

Stage Two – Evaluation

If you are invited to stage two, you will be given the opportunity to showcase your goalkeeping skills through our website. Our team will help you put all of the relevant information on our website.

– personal profile

– Goalkeeper Profile

– Academic profile

– Video footage

All of this information can be used for you to showcase yourself to American universities, and for American universities to review your profile.

If you do not have video footage of yourself playing or training, or maybe you would like to be filmed by a professional. At the we will give you the opportunity to be coached one-on-one by a Just4Keepers coach. All of the coaching will be filmed and put onto your profile. Along with the filmed coaching we will help you get weekly goalkeeper coaching.

If you would like to book or know more about this service contact us

Stage Three – Full member

If you are invited to be a full member or you feel you would like to be a full member, you will have unlimited access to the Our team will be here for you 24/7 by phone or email to answer any questions you have. Our team will also be in regular contact with every goalkeeper to see how they are progressing.

Our experts will give you information on:

– SAT tests and revision tips.

– VISA application advice.

– Advice on taking out insurance .

– NCAA & NAIA Clearinghouse enrollment.

– What to expect when living and playing in America

– How to contact universities.1387196858986

As a full member you will also have the benefit of having our team using their contacts to invite American universities and professional football clubs to view your profile and contact you.

Along with being a full member the will sponsor every goalkeeper. This means that while you are playing and training we will help supply you with FREE goalkeeper gloves this alone can save you around $450 a year.

Our main aim is for every goalkeeper to gain the best possible scholarship for them. Our team are 100% committed in helping you achieve your dream.