How am I supposed to save that?


‘How am I supposed to save that?’

This is what many goalkeepers say when the ball goes in the back of the net. The reply to their question is simply ‘did you try’.

If you ever watch professional football or go onto YouTube and watch world class saves by goalkeepers, they saved those shots because they tried.

World class saves don’t come from easy shots you need to try and save everything.

When I am coaching I always say to my keepers, train as if you’re in a match. What I mean by this is put 100% in and attempt to save everything.

Train your mind to believe you can save everything, so when it comes to a game and the striker has a free kick which curls towards the top corner; you will be ready to dive and stretch to get a fingertip on the ball to turn it around the post.AVenom

Remembeer what you do in training is what you will do in a game. If you don’t put the effort in and try to save those difficult shots, how will you save them in a game.

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