How to save a one on one

From my goalkeeper training sessions in Preston and Stoke-On-Trent many goalkeepers and parents always ask me whats the best way to save a one on one.Screenshot_2014-10-17-23-11-47

When a striker is running at your goal everyone will expect him to beat the goalkeeper and score.

All the odds are in the strikers favor!

As a goalkeeper, how do you try and stop the striker scoring? What can you do to put the striker off? How can you reduce their chances of scoring?

There are mainly two situation for a goalkeeper to decide what to do in a one on one.

Smother and the block

Smother – This is when the goalkeeper attacks the ball with his hands to catch the ball. You would use the smother technique when a striker has taken a bad touch or when his head is down.BLACKOUT

The block – This is when the goalkeeper spreads his body to try and block a shot. You would use this technique when you are closing the striker down, the striker is going to shoot so you make yourself BIG. Manuel Neuer is a great goalkeeper to watch for this technique.